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Azure for Partners

Is your customer ready to migrate?

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Run Windows Workloads on AzureThe cloud that knows Windows best
Unmatched security

6.5 trillion threat signals analyzed daily

Built-in hybrid

3M+ Windows Server nodes hybrid enabled with Azure

Most cost effective

Save 40 percent or more for customers when you apply Azure Hybrid Benefit to existing Server licenses.

Unparalleled innovation

No better place to run Windows Server workloads

Learn more about why Windows Server & SQL Server on Azure

View the Windows Server 2008 End of Support Opportunity for Partners

Modernize in the Cloud with Azure SQL DatabaseMigrate SQL Server workloads to the cloud
Best TCO with Azure Hybrid Benefit

Save up to 84 percent compared to Amazon Web Services migrating SQL Server databases with Azure Hybrid Benefit and get free extended support for SQL Server 2008 R2 images in Azure IaaS. Activate Azure Hybrid Benefit when you provision SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines images from the Azure Marketplace.

Learn More About Windows SQL Server Opportunities on Azure

SQL Server End of Support Opportunity for Partners

Linux & Open Source Databases on AzureCreate and deploy enterprise-grade open-source and community-driven software in seconds and reduce costs
Explore Azure’s Linux story

Discover Azure’s offerings with Linux and open-source customers and see how it stands up to competition while providing world-class services and key differentiators.

Learn more about Linux on Azure for Partners

OSS Databases

With open-source databases, you can implement a system to meet your requirements and develop it to suit your business needs.

Learn about Azure Cosmos DB

View the NoSQL Migration to Azure Opportunity for Partners

Download the Oracle to Azure L100 Pitch Deck

Learn more about Linux and Open Source Databases on Azure

SAP on AzureAccelerate IT transformation. Learn about our enterprise-grade, purpose-built, SAP HANA–certified infrastructure and SAP NetWeaver workloads.
Develop your practice

Build and develop your business with the SAP on Azure Partner Playbook. This collection of resources will help you develop SAP on Azure sales motions, message key value propositions, and pitch to enterprises looking for implementation assistance for SAP on Azure.

Explore the SAP on Azure Playbook

Enable your staff

Sales and technical training courses and materials to enable your staff to effectively pitch and deliver SAP on Azure solutions.

SAP on Azure Partner Training Resources

Differentiate your business

An Azure specialization is a customer-facing label displayed on a partner’s business profile in the solution provider. It helps partners further differentiate their organizations, demonstrate their expertise, and build stronger connections with customers.

Achieve the SAP on Azure Specialization

Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop)Learn how the capabilities and benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop can help modernize and scale your virtualized desktops and apps on Azure.

Get started:

Remote app streaming:

Get hands-on:

Stay up to date:

Customer evidence:

Azure Virtual Desktop + Windows 365

Microsoft Inspire 2021 | Digital Breakout Session

Microsoft Inspire 2021 | Ask the Experts (ATEs)

Please visit our new Azure Virtual Desktop partner page and resource catalog for the latest information.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions with AzureBuild your hybrid solutions on the only cloud that delivers a consistent experience across environments.
Migrate your apps to the cloud

Confidently move your apps to Azure with proven migration technologies. Get the best value for your cloud investment—with big savings over AWS for Windows Server and SQL Server.

Learn more about Azure migration

Run hybrid apps in your datacenter

Bring Azure services to your datacenter with Azure Stack. Use Azure Stack HCI solutions to run virtualized apps on-premises. Enjoy hybrid cloud benefits while meeting regulatory and connectivity requirements.

Learn more about Azure Stack Opportunities for Partners

Azure Arc

Bring Azure services and management to any on-premise infrastructure or multi-cloud environment.

Learn More

App and Database Modernization

Microsoft is the only vendor that can support the entire gamut of modern application development.

Accelerate time to market, deliver innovative experiences, and improve security with Azure application and database modernization.

  • Increase developer velocity by offloading infrastructure and software management to Azure. Azure offers fully managed services – Azure App Service, Azure Spring Cloud, and Azure Functions – with built-in infrastructure maintenance, security patching, and scaling.
  • Create rich, personalized experiences using tools such as Azure Machine Learning, Azure DevOps, Azure Personalizer, and Azure API Management.
  • Meet rigorous, enterprise-grade performance, security, and compliance requirements with a trusted, fully managed service that handles more than 60 billion requests per day.

Azure offers resources and programs to quickly assess .NET and Java apps and migrate them to Azure:

Partners can participate in the Azure Migration and Modernization Program (AMMP) to accelerate cloud migration deals, access funds and resources, and collaborate with Azure engineering and field teams.

Additional resources:

Modernize Java Applications on Azure

Microsoft provides fully managed offerings for any Java app – Spring Boot, Tomcat/Java SE, and Java EE/Jakarta EE. Combined with supported offerings from VMware, Red Hat, Oracle, IBM, Redis Labs, Elastic, and Confluent and a comprehensive portfolio of managed database offerings, Java on Azure allows partners and customers to:

  • Ship faster and reduce operational costs.
  • Increase developer velocity by offloading infrastructure and software management to Azure.
  • Meet rigorous, enterprise-grade performance, security, and compliance requirements.

The Application & Data Modernization Offer in the Azure Migration and Modernization Program (AMMP) helps you accelerate your customers cloud journey with the right mix of best practice guidance, resources, and expert help at every stage.

Additional resources:

Pay Less with Azure

AWS is 5 times more expensive than Azure for Windows Server and SQL Server. Why run them anywhere else?

Azure vs. AWS cost comparison

Microsoft FastTrack for Azure

Partner with Microsoft to accelerate the adoption of Azure solutions. Enroll customers in the success programme built to help with rapid and effective design and deployment with tailored expert guidance. Collaborate with Azure Engineers to develop new offerings, gain customer trust and provide expert guidance.

Learn More

Azure Migration & Modernization Program

Join the Azure Migration & Modernization Program partner community for access to incentive programs, qualified lead engagement and new managed service opportunities. Help accelerate your customers’ cloud migrations with prescriptive step-by-step guidance, robust migration tools and workload automation.

Learn More

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