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Azure for Partners

Implement security best practices with the Cloud Adoption Security Review

The Cloud Adoption Security Review helps to implement the Secure methodology in the Cloud Adoption Framework by providing security recommendations based on questions and selected answers made by stakeholders within a customer.

A clear path toward successful customer enablement

Increase customer satisfaction and accelerate their digital transformation by leveraging a comprehensive set of tools, programs, and learning resources designed to help customers confidently realize ongoing value from the cloud.

Achieve cloud value with proven cloud tools and guidance

  • Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure
  • Azure Well-Architected
  • DevOps with GitHub

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Access a collection of best practices, reference architectures, and technical guidance that give customers the resources they need to successfully adopt the cloud and achieve digital transformation. The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure is a consistent, repeatable approach across people, processes, and technologies that can be implemented across a portfolio of workloads to ensure that customers start their cloud journey with confidence.
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Provide customers with specific guidance and technical oversight at the workload level. Azure Well-Architected enables customers to design, build, and optimize high-quality workloads that meet their ongoing business needs and maximize the value of their investment.
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Put customers on the path to optimal cloud value with Microsoft frameworks supported by DevOps solutions that include seamless integrations with GitHub. Customers will have the ability to enable continual software delivery, boost collaboration, automate code-to-cloud workflows, and secure their code with advanced capabilities.
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Discover cost savings to maximize value

Take advantage of IT cost savings, improved productivity, and optimized performance when you use Azure customer enablement resources. Read the IDC Business Value of Microsoft Azure Customer Enablement Tools, Resources, and Programs white paper and business value snapshot to learn how customers have successfully maximized the value of Azure.
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IDC whitepaper

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Adapt the cloud journey with help from cloud experts and programs

  • Programs
  • Become a partner

Help customers accelerate their cloud journey by developing expertise in the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure. Azure Specialization Partners and Azure Expert Managed Service Providers undergo independent and technical validation of their capabilities to ensure they meet Microsoft standards and deliver added value to their customers.
Become and Azure Specialized Partner Become an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider

Build cloud skills

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Microsoft Learn

Leverage the rich collection of Microsoft Learn training resources to empower your teams and customers to learn in a style that fits them best. Access free interactive self-paced learning paths for every skill level and role, get hands-on experiences in a sandbox environment, and explore virtual and on-demand training by Microsoft Certified Trainers—available worldwide.

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Microsoft Certifications

Be confident your team has the skills and expertise to deliver a successful cloud journey for your Azure customers. Microsoft's training resources assess your team’s current capabilities, keep you up to date on the latest Azure technologies, and help you prepare for role-based certifications.

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Virtual Training Series

Enhance your customers' technical expertise with interactive courses for core technical scenarios. These free one-day virtual events combine presentations with demonstrations, discussions, and hands-on workshops to uplevel customer skills and expertise.

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