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Azure for Partners

Accelerate cloud adoption with Azure Migrate

Customers that are making the move to the cloud want to ensure their migration will be fast, secure, and able to minimize risks of downtime or lost data. Many turn to experienced partners to help in the planning and execution, and ensure the overall success of the migration.

A free service from Microsoft, Azure Migrate helps partners simplify the migration journey for their customers. You get all of the Azure migration tools you need to plan and migrate resources to the cloud, while tracking progress with a central dashboard. Your customers get faster time-to-value and the confidence their most complex assets will be handled with minimum risk.

Accelerate migrations

Simplify migration planning with cloud cost estimation and datacenter insights. Perform rapid migrations with lift-and-shift technology.

Gain centralized visibility

Navigate the discovery, assessment, and migration phases for different business areas with the end-to-end visibility of one central data repository.

Comprehensive migration capabilities

Take advantage of free Azure migration tools, with or without agents, including features like discovery and readiness, cost estimation, and app dependency visualization.

Support diverse scenarios

Includes support for multiple scenarios across Windows or Linux servers, data and databases, web apps and virtual desktops.

Kainos accelerates cloud time-to-value for customers

Kainos Software has a mission to empower its customers to think big, be bold, and do great things through technology. One core service area for Kainos is enterprise modernization, and over the years, the cloud has become integral to that effort.

Kainos has adopted Azure Migrate as part of its cloud migration toolkit so they can accelerate and amplify the value that customers receive. By using Azure Migrate, the company can accomplish tasks that used to take days, or even weeks, in just a few hours.

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How to get started with Azure Migrate

I need a faster way to create visibility over my customer’s server estates. 

As part of the Discover phase of migration, Azure Migrate helps you understand what exists in your customer’s environment, including details on server performance and dependencies.

Find out how to get started

I want to create a complete view of costs for my customer.

As part of the Assessment phase of migration, Azure Migrate helps you create a comprehensive migration plan for your customer, including an assessment of estimated monthly cloud costs and insights on right-sizing resources.

Find out how to get started

I’m interested in simplifying my process for executing migrations.

In the Migration phase, Azure Migrate provides guidance through the entire migration progress, whether migrating on-premises (VMware VMs, Hyper-V VMs, or physical servers) or VMs on other clouds, for both large and small scale migrations.

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Learn how to use Azure Migrate: Server Assessment to deploy the Azure Migrate appliance to your customer’s on-premises environment or upload inventory information using the import feature so you can discover and analyze server performance and map dependencies.

Download the guide



See how to group servers and perform assessments to determine Azure Suitability, right-sizing information, and cost planning.

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Find out how to start migrating servers to Azure, as well as test your migration and perform zero data loss cutover to Azure.

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Already have a license for a third-party migration tool?

Add a partner ISV tool to the Azure Migrate dashboard using the integrated ISV feature. Connect in assessment and migration details from ISV tools for greater visibility over your migration project.

Learn about additional Azure migration scenarios

Database migration

Simplify database assessments with integrated tools to understand SKU recommendations, Azure readiness, and cloud cost projections.


Web App Migration

Learn how Azure Migrate helps you assess whether it makes sense to move a web application to Azure.


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Migration

Assess virtual desktop infrastructure to understand performance and usage details and migrate underlying machines.


“In the early days of our cloud practice, our teams used a combination of four to five third-party tools during the course of a migration… With Azure Migrate, all of that resides in a single place.”

Martin O’Neill, Azure Technical Lead, Kainos Software

Looking for additional migration support?

The Azure Migration & Modernization Program offers proactive guidance and the right mix of expert help at every stage of the migration journey to ensure your customers can move applications, infrastructure, and databases with confidence. All customers can access resources and tools such as Azure Migrate, step-by-step technical guidance, training, and help in finding a migration partner.

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