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Azure for Partners

See how Azure spurs innovation in multiple industries


We are all facing significant change. The digital landscape is being transformed by unprecedented amounts of data across industries. To keep up with the pace of innovation and empower customers to unlock the value of their data, we need a compelling industry value proposition. These assets will help you demonstrate to customers that you understand their challenges and how to address them with industry-specific solutions.

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Azure for Manufacturing

Watch an overview of how Azure empowers industrial organizations to unlock new operational efficiencies with the help of open industrial IoT, limitless advanced analytics, responsible AI and more.

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Azure for Healthcare

Watch an overview of how Azure enables providers, insurers, and pharmaceuticals to drive better health outcomes.

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FinServ video w play icon

Azure for Financial Services

Watch an overview of how Azure empowers banks, capital markets, and insurance firms to provide next-generation experiences for customers, improve regulatory compliance, manage risk, and reduce waste.

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Azure for Retail

Watch an overview of how retailers are creating personalized customer experiences across channels, empowering employees, and keeping their supply chains agile with Azure solutions—including predictive AI, machine learning, IoT, hybrid cloud, computer vision, and analytics.

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Azure for US Government

Watch an overview of how Azure Government provides advanced compute and analytics capabilities to help US National Security customers achieve more visibility, move faster, and make more informed decisions.

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Azure for Worldwide Government

Today governments, more than ever before, need to quickly meet the demands of their citizens, find efficiencies in remote operations while managing costs, and ensuring the highest levels of security and compliance. Microsoft has worked with governments and agencies across the world and we understand these needs as well as the criticality for governments to operate and serve their citizens, especially during times of crisis.

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See how Azure is shaping the future of industry

Supply Chain Optimization

Leverage the cloud to connect, automate, and gain an end-to-end view of your supply chain and your business.

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Modernized banking

Unlock global scale and enable continuous innovation with modern application services and a hybrid or cloud strategy.

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Continuous patient monitoring

Extend patient care beyond the hospital walls, reduce readmissions, and manage disease through in-patient and remote patient monitoring.

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