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Azure for Partners

Partner IoT solutions now on the Azure Certified Device catalog!

Reach more customers by showcasing Azure Certified devices solving real world business needs.

What are IoT certified devices?

Azure IoT certified devices have gone through a process that validates their capabilities against specific certification programs. From intelligent cameras to connected sensors to edge infrastructure, learn how this enhanced IoT device certification program can help you save valuable time—from increasing visibility with a worldwide market to making it easy to find the right device for an IoT solution.

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Benefits of Azure Certified devices

Device builders

Easily differentiate your IoT device capabilities and gain access to a worldwide audience looking to reliably purchase devices built to run on Azure. Start the certification process to place your Azure validated devices in the Azure Certified Device Catalog to increase product visibility and connect with customers.

Solution builders

Confidently find and purchase IoT devices built to run on Azure, knowing they meet specific capabilities. Easily search and find the right IoT certified device for your solution from a worldwide community of device builders on the Azure Certified Device Catalog.

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Learn about the Azure Certified Device program

ADC IoT show

Prepare and certify devices for IoT Plug and Play

ACD Plug and Play on IoT Show

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Certification Programs Available Now

Azure Certified Device

Azure-Certified-Device-Badge CMYK-01

Azure Certified Device certification validates that a device can connect with Azure IoT Hub and securely provision through the Device Provisioning Service (DPS). This IoT validation reflects a device's functionality and interoperability, which are a necessary baseline for more advanced certifications.

IoT Plug and Play

IoT-Plug-And-Play Light

IoT Plug and Play certification, an incremental certification beyond the baseline Azure Certified Device certification, validates Digital Twin Definition Language version 2 (DTDL) and interaction based on your device model. It enables a seamless device-to-cloud integration experience and enables hardware partners to build devices that can seamlessly integrate without the need to write custom code.

Edge Managed

Edge-Managed Light

Edge Managed certification, an incremental certification beyond the baseline Azure Certified Device certification, focuses on device management standards for Azure connected devices. Today, this certification focuses on Edge runtime compatibility for module deployment and management though it will continue to grow in the future with additional customer manageability needs.

Edge Secured-core

Edge-Secured Light

Edge Secured-core certification, an incremental certification beyond the baseline Azure Certified Device certification, is for IoT devices running a full operating system such as Linux or Windows 10 IoT. This IoT validation shows devices meet additional security requirements around device identity, secure boot, operating system hardening, device updates, data protection, and vulnerability disclosures.

Partner Solutions Available Now

Partner solutions use Azure Certified devices in real-life deployments on Azure to meet customer business needs. These solutions are carefully curated on our catalog to demonstrate how Azure Certified devices can be used in repeatable formats to meet a wide variety of customer scenarios through Azure. Partners with an available IoT solution can submit their solution bundles to create an informative marketing page on the Azure Certified Device catalog, where customers will have the opportunity to explore the details of the solution and reach out to the partner for more information or to purchase the solution.

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