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Azure for Partners

Avoiding the stumbling blocks

Getting started on the right foot means considering the stumbling blocks ahead of time. We see three common areas that regularly challenge partners:

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Articulating the value proposition

You must be able to confidently articulate the value of your Azure cloud solution over your existing on-premises solution to both your existing customers and new prospects. You will not be able to succeed if you do not understand the unique value you can provide.

Not expecting margins to change

The cost model of cloud services is different and your existing margins will change, either in actual or perceived terms. These services must be balanced and optimised in order to build new value and there is a misconception that cloud is instantaneously cheaper.

Getting in your own way

If your sales team is incentivized to more of your on-premises services – that is what they will sell and similarly, if you don’t apply resources and investments to your cloud services, they will fail. You need to commit to promoting your cloud business ahead of easy money in your existing one to succeed.

Not leveraging existing customers

One of the biggest mistakes that partners make is not fully leveraging their existing customers to accelerate their overall business growth. By doing this, you can scale faster, retain customers who are thinking of moving and optimise costs.

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Ready, set, take-off, climb

To help you overcome these barriers, we’ve devised a four-step process to help you along the journey. Following this phased approach will help you assess your readiness and set a strategic plan, create a transformation roadmap, migrate workloads with minimal risk, and empower sales with an effetive go-to-market strategy.

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The Data Center Optimization Journey

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Ready - small



  • Build your strategic vision.
  • Assess your current capabilities.
  • Get Microsoft to conduct an opportunity assessment.
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Set - small



  • Define your new revenue model.
  • Learn how to add value to services in Azure.
  • Define your new value propostion.
  • Upskill your team.
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Take-off small



  • Build your consumption plan.
  • Set up project governance and workstreams.
  • Build a migration plan using the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework.
  • Migrate your first workloads/customers.
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Climb - small



  • Enable Sales.
  • Launch to market to reach new customers.
  • Scale migration plans.
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