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Azure for Partners

Common factors for Cloud Transformation success

Undertake rapid, large-scale migrations to Azure
  • You should aim to migrate a significant number of customers to Azure.
  • You should maintain a good velocity of migrations in order to hit incremental incentive milestones and reap the maximum benefits.
  • You should select moderate to large workload sizes to reap the benefits of scale and offset migration and transformation costs.
Workloads should be optimized to increase margins
  • You should undertake pre- or post-workload (infrastructure) optimizations to free up unnecessary cost – this can help to balance the cost of migration.
  • You can also free up cost by modernizing applications and increasing automation to do more with less.
  • You should use cost management tools to continuously optimize.
Indirect expenses should be transformed from cost to revenue
  • You must re-skill and upskill internal resources.
  • You should re-structure existing contracts by approaching existing customers ahead of renewal to discuss cloud alternatives.
  • You can drive net-new customer acquisitions to meet incentive targets.
Grow your reach and accelerate sales with an expanded portfolio
  • You should add value-added managed services to your portfolio.
  • You should design and offer advanced MSP Services.
  • If you’re more advanced, you should consider building your own vertical-specific IP (SaaS).
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Reported benefits from partners who have already transitioned

Accelerated Sales

Reduced Overhead

Co-sell Opportunities

Cost Optimization

Reduced Risk & Stress

Your transformation journey is only just beginning

Contact your Microsoft PDM to discuss data center transformation. In the meantime, review our phased approach to Cloud Transformation Journeys or review the public cloud opportunity for services providers.

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